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14 November 2015


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Thank you for this. xoxo

This is beautiful. Perhaps it is my Catholic upbringing, but I believe (unlike you I think) that evil exists.

P.S. Mike (in that Mike way) is in the background chanting "Build the wall! Build the wall!"--completely in jest of course. Sadly, some people aren't joking about that.

Oh, I dont know that Id say evil doesnt exist! Its just a word I try to use to describe actions and motivations, not people. 3

I'm having a flashback: I had a very similar conversation the evening of 9/10/01. The person said he could never be Quaker like I was because Quakers did not believe in evil, and he (a Catholic) did. I reassured him, "oh yes, I believe in evil." Little did I know what proof would present itself the next morning. I try, however, to believe there is good in everyone (just as MT says there is evil in everyone).....or we are all capable of good and evil. That urge to build a wall is tempting, but of course won't get us what we want. The banner at our Quaker meeting says: "How does thy life seek to remove the causes of war?" Quakers are big on queries, which can be difficult to answer, but helpful to think about.

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