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13 October 2015


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Such a precious little girl. She is a huge asset to everyone around her, and lives every moment on her terms and with the fullest expression. So happy to have her in this extended family. xoxo and happy birthday, dear Shmoogie!

It's been a privilege reading about -- and being entertained by -- Shmoogie here since she was born six years ago in Vienna. Seems like yesterday! Happy birthday!

Unreal--6 years!! Happy Birthday to Shmoogie.

And to think Operation Butterball was more than 5 years ago! Clearly it was a success. I'm so glad Mother Patience has such a wonderful daughter. Daughters are very special.

Happy Birthday Shmoogie!!

Happy Birthday, Shmoogie! I can't wait to have conversations with her at Thanksgiving. I'm sure her wisdom will make me think about things in new ways. It will be so good to see you all soon! xoxo

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