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17 March 2015


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8! That's amazing. Many happy returns to the birthday boy, growing up so quickly!

So much emotion in those eyes! GREAT cake!

Wow! Good for Mr. Pants deciding he was going to do what he wanted and not worry about what the others thought. And I bet they liked the party AND the cake!

The cake is amazing as is your son! It is tough for little boys at times. We went through many iterations of dealing with what is 'cool' and what is not. One of my pieces of advice to the boys was to try to 'not let it show' that it was bothering them. Kids have a way of going after someone they can get a reaction from. I'm not sure it always worked but it was at least one attempt at arming them against these difficult social interactions. Happy birthday to Mr. Pants and good for him for sticking to his choice!

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