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23 February 2015


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Poor, dear little baby! I'm very glad there was a happy outcome.

So glad it was resolved quickly too! Please post a "perky" picture, too. I love the happy Bayboh pictures. He usually positively glows.

Modern medicine is amazing! I'm so grateful for vaccines. Have you read the Call the Midwife books? She writes in length about polio and tuberculosis.

As for the "finding", to give the doctor the benefit of the doubt--our pediatrician here has said that sometimes they can't tell for sure if it is an ear infection or not and that some ear infections clear up on their own anyway. (Mike was told this after he took a sick 3-year old to the doctor only to not be given antibiotics). I think the medical community is trying to cut back on the amount of antibiotics that are prescribed to kids (but not babies, thankfully) which I am sure is good overall but can be very frustrating for sleep deprived parents who just want their child to get better.

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