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15 February 2015


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😊 love this

Developmental breakthrough to a new stage.......for a 21st century child! I have to think this is all going to change our species' development somehow.

I think, Mother Patience, that you are the last generation to grow up without these devices? And I think my grandmother was the last generation to grow up without telephones in the home, although its possible she had one in her home. By the 1890's there were phones in homes. My mother used to call our refrigerator the ice box (so did I for a while). When she was little someone brought ice every week for their ice box. I was the first generation to grow up with television in the home. I remember when we first got one. I think I was 5.

But.......I get carried away. It's a lot of change in a short time span for humans. Hooray for Mr. Pants!

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