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19 January 2015


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Your dad would love these posts and knowing how his life is such an important part of your life now. He undoubtedly understood that it would be.

And you are the keeper of your children's family archives with this blog! That's a big something.

Yes, this blog is a wonderful archive! And I sometimes reread the stories of when you were a child to relive that time myself. Recently I looked at some pictures of when you were little and I was younger than you are now. VERY strange.

I need to digitize those slides! I rather doubt the projector still works....but it might.

The picture of Mr. Pants reminds me so much of your dad. It brings tears to my eyes. Your dad was always lost in a book when he was young, Your memories are so rich from your childhood and you are passing them on to your children through spoken word or similar experiences you create for them. It might not be shown to them on a slide projector but they will know it is important by the way you speak of the past. Much love to all of you. xoxoxo

A wonderful story that makes me feel Kennan's presence -- his essence.

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