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15 September 2014


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"My precious" can be used many times throughout this blog post. :)

Wow! Impressive in many ways. Perhaps Sir Lump should be Sir Precious Lump.

I love this story -- and photo.

I need help to feel better about calling this beautiful boy 'Lump' . It feels somewhat ominous while walking on concrete.

I love this. You're the best mom.

I love the name Bayboh - a possible replacement for Sir Lump? :) It's quite adorable. I do remember those nervous times when the older siblings wanted to 'help' with the baby. It's good to do it in small steps, building confidence over time. You're wise to stick to your rules about time limits. We once took away the Nintendo for several months because the boys were squabbling over it too much. The intent was not to take it away for that long, but they actually forgot about it.:) The oldest finally inquired about its return and we set it up again. There was much less strife after that period of time.

I vote for new name Bayboh!

Bayboh = Baby Boy Maybe?

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