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25 June 2014


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Wow! What a great story and Mr. Early Tuesday is not even 24 hours old yet. Congratulations! I'm glad Auntie Doula will be there very soon. Much love from us to you.

I'm thrilled to hear your story, and overwhelmed by it. I'm in awe of you, and of your little baby came forward so quickly for Tuesday's arrival. He is gorgeous and already plump. Sending love,

oh my gosh! congratulations! I can't believe you wrote this story already. and how wonderfully you paced it. wow. and what a beautiful, beautiful baby. hugs to all.

What a story! A trip to the airport, IKEA, bike helmets, bathroom stops, putting up mirrors.....WOW! What a blessed event for your family with an amazing story that will grow exponentially more dramatic as years go by (not that it could get much more dramatic!). What a blessing as well that Auntie Doula will arrive soon to help in countless ways. Think of you all with much love and happiness. He is such a beautiful child! xoxo

Tuesday is now my favorite day of the week!

He has such a lovely face. Seems to be smiling at an inside joke (like not coming on a Tuesday). Congrats to all!

He's Beautiful! Congratulations!

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