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01 April 2014


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We'll be in the same boat but with a boy. I (this is Kelly btw) have multiple cousins who started late so they would have an advantage in sports. 2 of the 3 ended up getting full athletic scholarships to college so it worked out as planned for them. I really have no idea what we're going to do except to not worry about it for another year or so. I'm really dreading dealing with school systems.

Someday. Someday schools will actually take kids when they are ready and move them into not grades, but classes when they are ready. And when they've mastered that class material, they'll move on to more material. And maybe we won't even call them classes. Maybe they'll be real projects that actually do something, but make you use math and science and social studies to make the project happen. Or maybe kids will prep for particular projects, so sometimes its old fashioned book and on line "learning" and sometimes its learning and doing. We try to do some of that in our schools, but basically we still have that factory model that treats kids like widgets that should be learning the same thing at the same time and we spit them out with date stamps (class of '14) and ready for the next assembly line with the next date stamp. They get to that assembly line after they've had a break over the summer so they can help their parents with the crops. Hello? 21st Century??

This grandmother is going to totally ignore the mention of a napping baby sibling.

Speaking as the almost brand-new grandma of a September (boy) baby, I found this post tremendously thoughtful. Sometimes I forget how important at it is to revisit received ideas.

Oh, I would love to think that public education is going to improve but I'm pessimistic. Common Core and all the emphasis on testing scares me. (again, Kelly).

oh dear -- now I know ..... hee hee :)

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