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14 March 2014


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Turning 7 on Pi Day! Happy Birthday to Mr. P.

Cousin Jeremiah, at just about the same age, also said that he thought when you were alive you were dreaming and when you died you wake up. This was after thinking about losing his Abuelo. Pretty deep philosophy all around if you ask me (I think it's Buddhist, but maybe Hindu and a quick Google search provided no enlightenment on either). Glad Mr. P enjoys his comforter and life. And being 7. Also, nice he and me agreed about that retaining wall climb. :-)

Our middle son climbed a large tree when he was at a park with his second grade class (probably age 8). He got into it with an assist from a park bench! By the time the teacher saw him she about had a stroke and rushed over to me in a panic(I was helping to chaperone the field trip). I quickly encouraged him to come down. He used to do quite a bit of tree climbing so I wasn't terribly upset but I realized that the teacher was concerned not only about his safety but about the school's liability. It makes for a funny story now!

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