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03 February 2014


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No, no Golden Snitch, altho the Denver Broncos sure needed something like that. This is the first football game I've watched almost from beginning to end in maybe 30 years, in part because it was so bizarre. We had the courtyard watching party and your sister and I bet on Seattle because you lived there. I didn't even know what teams were playing until we arrived. For the betting, she put down an outlandish score which........turned out to be closest by far to the final score. Crazy game. They seemed to have a real seahawk there as a mascot. Cool bird.
Go Seahawks! :-)

I know a lot about football, mostly because of watching your dad for so many years and also following Notre Dame football as a family growing up. Some argue that it is truly the most complete 'team' sport because it takes every member doing their job correctly for any play to be successful. It's also an incredibly violent sport. I suggest golf for Mr. P. Very fun win for Seattle!

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