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27 January 2014


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My best wishes are with you, you and Mr P both.

Reading this I see your experience was rather more like my experience with your sister than I thought. We went in for a small muscle issue around her mouth and went out with a new pump (i.e. heart surgery). I'm glad Mr. P faces something not quite so major, but...........when it's your child (or grandchild) it's major. New yarn and a new project is a good idea. I'm very hopeful this will make Mr. P feel a lot better over all, which would make everyone feel better.

I had mine removed when I was about his age. I still have the hand puppet they used to keep me in good spirits prior to the surgery - sort of pink and elf-like looking.
They probably still offer ice cream after this surgery so that's something for him to look forward to. He will be fine and you are absolutely doing the right thing.

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