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15 January 2014


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I don't know why I find this so moving and heart-squeezing, but I do. I think it's not just the genius of it, it's the ... solicitude. Or vice versa!

This is the part of mothering that should get awards -- that are reported,above the fold,on the front page of the New York Times. Sometimes, it all just WORKS!

And those new shoes are wicked cool...!

Isn't it crazy how expensive kids shoes are? They wear them for 6 months, and they can cost more than mine. That is not ok.

I love that you are teaching your children the art of problem-solving. It's a wonderful gift. Kind of like when you drop an errant blob of paint on your masterpiece and you turn it into the center of a flower.

Love the low tech old fashioned solution to a very modern problem!

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