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25 September 2013


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Wow! I checked in convinced that I'd be disappointed yet again and that you'd not had time to post anything. Silly me. I dare not try to comment or I'll go on for ever. I'll just say that life is not fair and that life is better for most women now than it was before. But that, in most cases, is an extremely low bar. And do stay tuned politically. It would not take much to go back to what it was like when your mother was young.

You heard about Wendy Davis right? I have to believe there is some hope. I had friends in Texas who went to the rally and they said it was inspirational. Granted it didn't stop anything, but still. I think our country is in the middle of a major culture war. A painful transition period. But I also agree with MarMar that women's rights are fragile and I don't know what the "taking back the home" movement is (and I don't mean that in any kind of offensive way, I just really haven't heard of it. My world is full of the "Lean-In" stuff but I haven't read that either.)

By the way, Nora Ephron agrees with you (great minds and all):


Heh, heh! Nice link!


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