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08 July 2013


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My favorite day so far on your epic trip. Mr P very impressive! Shmoogie very cute! Thanks so much for letting us ride along.

Is that a picture from your motel? I'm thinking you may be staying at the same place your dad and I stayed. The Badlands are really cool!

I've heard people say that they prefer the Badlands over the Grand Canyon due to smaller crowds and comparable beauty. Any thoughts on that? Also, your little ones are amazing. I bet the people at the Ingall's homestead were blown away by Mr. P's knowledge. I know I am. Also, his: "This is a shocking place" is a quote for the ages. And what's not to love about Chocolate Cows?

Rita: Others may disagree, but, IMHO, there is nothing like the Grand Canyon. I found seeing it for the first time a kind of religious experience. It's absolutely awe inspiring. You can't comprehend it from pictures. I can see the Badlands being preferred as a place to visit. It's wonderful and beautiful and amazing. But.....you just have to see the Grand Canyon at least once.

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