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05 April 2013


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Happy Birthday, dear niece. Mr. Pants' awakening song and insights are the best possible gift a mother could receive. May he always find his dream. xo

I love this so much. It's quite rare for a child to awaken and have his first thoughts be about others. How dear that he remembered your birthday first thing. As a very vivid dreamer myself, I can relate to wanting to hang onto particularly pleasant dreams. I recently had one where I was looking out a window at a tree full of bluebirds. It was incredibly beautiful. I, like Mr. P., wanted to smoosh myself back in my pillow and see if I could find my dream again. Happy birthday!

So cute! And happy belated birthday!
As for the word Indian, as I understand it, some people with Native American heritage prefer the term Indian or American Indian to Native American. One term is negative in some places/communities, while another is negative in other places. According to my American Indian/Native Alaskan health class in grad school anyway.
Love from Sweden!

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