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20 August 2012


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I like the instant gratification of getting a book within 30 seconds on my Kindle. Spoiled for anything else. A few books I wanted were not available, but most are. Also like the experience of reading this way. Can see better, easier to hold, turn pages, carry with me to the gym, a trip, the coffee shop. I sound like a commercial. Sorry to all you "like the smell, touch, feel of a real book" people. Me and my Kindle are best friends.

I think the woad dying project failed because I wouldn't let you make real mordent for dying. I think "mordent" is spelled correctly and I think it is absolutely horrible natural stuff.

I ordered Autobiography of a Yogi on line after listening to it on tape for just the reasons you mentioned (well not the skipping awful part bit -- there are no awful parts, its just delightful the whole way through altho odd at times). I'm not finding so much time to listen in the car any more and still have about 15 hours of Steve Jobs left (which I am enjoying quite a bit). I think I'll order the Better Angels book. I'd REALLY like to just skip the medieval torture and sadism parts.

And, Betty, I'm using my iPad to download and read books. It may not be as good as the Kindle, but I'm loving the flexibility of it. I ALWAYS have something to read when I travel now.

I'm one of those "like the smell, touch, feel of a real book" people. I also like throwing a book in my bag and not worrying about breaking it or leaving it or it getting wet, underlining passages, dog-earing pages (this one drives Mike crazy), etc. As for the chain bookstores, who cares, they brought this upon themselves. But independent bookstores, I hope those never go away. I'll even pay a little extra to shop at those.

Oh and libraries! I hope libraries survive too! We're already taking DS to "Boogie Woogie Books" at our local library.

Yes! Long live libraries!

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