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22 August 2012


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This is really well-written. The graph makes it very clear what we are facing. Please send this to a newspaper. I would love for a broader audience to read this.

The ability to clearly communicate complex topics is greatly underrated. Suppor the English majors!!

Ha! --Should be Support the English majors! (you're welcome for the unintentional humor).

Yes!! I am ALWAYS asking for graphs and in my current little lobbying effort (which has nothing to do with the environment) I am simply showing people pictures. It works WAY better than the facts and figures we're always told to provide. (Yes, I know we need the to back up the pictures.)

I think you are finding yourself a really important market niche to work on. If you can design a beautiful clear app -- and the very clear graph here -- you can do LOTS. More posts with graphs! How about one showing what has happened to the national debt under democrats and under republicans -- they are out there. It is the EXACT opposite of what people think. Debt increases with R's and decreases with D's.

There is a big lesson in that Challenger tragedy, indeed.

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