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09 April 2012


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A precious puppy and child photo. The post was comprehensible until halfway down. You have cousins that might comprehend your amazing graph, so perhaps they'll weigh in. I'm very impressed with its beauty. xoxoxoxo

My comprehension also got very fuzzy towards the end. Perhaps Alex appreciates fuzzy logic more than he lets on. He's a very quiet kind of dog.

A terrier as calm as a cat. Amazing! He sounds like the perfect dog for small children. I will send a link to your blog to Philip. He might comprehend your graph. xoxo

Don't know a thing about fuzzy logic but I know a lot about a particular pure-bred fuzzy dog -- Smoot, our bichon frise. He operates by frise logic, which has a special unanswerableness of its own that I bet your Alex would relate to! So cute!! Looking forward to reports of the interactions of Alex, Shmoogie and Mr Pants.

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