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24 February 2011


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I will do this at my earliest opportunity - probably with no one watching. I, too, love musicals but have never had the Bollywood experience. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

That was a much needed piece of frivolity. And her non-heart disease ridden husband is cuter than the guy who will be with her in all her other lives anyway.

Any chance of a video of The Smuge doing Bollywood? It should be captured for posterity. Does Mr. Pants participate?

Kelly: How could ANYONE be cuter than Sharukh Khan??!!! He is the heart throb of an entire subcontinent. Rita: You are in for a treat! Altho it helps to have Mother Patience there to explain subtleties. We should rent a Bollywood movie for everyone to watch at Thanksgiving some time. They really are a hoot. Mother Patience even took Bollywood dancing classes I think. We could all try some moves. :-)

Wow - Moulin Rouge backwards!! Ha ha! I'll zumba to that! :)

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