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18 June 2010


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We had the opportunity to observe shmoogie in action this week and found her to satisfactorily rolly-polly (rollie pollie?) and extremely adorable. And DS? a total charmer!

Sr. Commander Mommy wishes to commend Jr. Commander Mommy and her troops on the recent success with Operation Butterball. Sr. Commander Mommy also approves of the intended course of action with regular reviews of metrics and continued milch-brei course supplemented by strategic additions of new foods. Finally, she wishes to remind Jr. Commander Mommy again that Jr. Commander Mommy herself dropped down a growth curve about 366 months ago.

And there is, indeed, lots of way more interesting things than nursing going on. Especially recently when Jr. Commander Mommy, DH, DS, and Shmoogie charmed any and all comers......and many comers there were!

Remote sensing indicates that subject seems to be radiating sunshine. Science officers hypothesize nutritional input has been diverted from storage needs to happiness output. Will seek to confirm photographic observations in person 19 JUNE 2010.

Sr. Commander Mommy has frequent direct experience with the happiness output and believes remote sensing to be on target.

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