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10 May 2010


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Yeah. I found the struggle to achieve naptime became not worth it. Mostly because the naptime just stopped happening. Quiet time. Go for quiet time.

The hat! LOVE it! You look gorgeous in hats. Wear them with confidence and you'll be fine. After all, you are an alien, so you can look different. :-)

I would wear hats if they did not give me "hat hair". That's why I use the visor. I love sun hats and sometimes wear them despite the hat hair issue.

Nap time gave way to quiet time at a miserably early age for son # 2. And I'm sure you've heard the story about my installation of a screen door latch on the outside of his bedroom door -- which I threatened and threatened to use if he did not stay put for 'quiet time'-- until one day I did. The trauma of that afternoon is still with me!!

And Mar Mar is spot on about hats -- they're perfect on you. So much prettier than sunscreen.

hey! i wear a hat for the sun! not stylish at all -- got it in arizona --it's supposed to have sun-reflecting qualities. will try to take a picture of it (or it on me) and e-mail it to you. i don't think i have the ability to attach it to one of these response boxes.

so happy to find someone else who doesn't like sunscreen.

loved all the photos, especially the first-solid-food sequence.

Looking forward to the picture of Liz and her hat!

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